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VacuWine preserver There is 1 product.

VacuWine preserver

The main danger for a correct preservation of wine quality and flavour is oxidation.
A risk deriving from the longlasting contact of wine with air. Non-drunk wine in an uncorked bottle is a sure waste!

With its innovative pumping system, Vacu-Wine gets rid of the air from the bottle, thus protecting for days the original quality and taste of the wine.
The typically Italian design of Vacu-Wine and the trendy colours available add more pleasure in using it.

1) Vacu-Wine draws air out of the bottle and stops wine oxidation, thus preserving for days its characteristics, once uncorked
2) Two-in-one stopper : vacuum pump and stopper
3) The innovative patent is studied to easily create vacuum with a simple downward pressure: very easy and practical.
4) Vacu-Wine design and colours are so attractive that it will become part of your daily life Place VacuWine on the bottle, seal with a few simple pumps and a twist.