ATER is an Italian company operating internationally since 1976 in the field of top design thermalware, houseware & giftware. Arnaldo Terracciano, founder and CEO, has been leading the company through the past 40 years, giving it a strong image in the houseware market, in the light of the best tradition of "made in Italy" style.

The strategies of the company development are focused on the study and constant technological research for every-day-use products that are innovative and never-seen-before in the market; unique in design, practicalness and functionality.

The projecting, designing and engineering skills of the company are acknowledged both in Italy and internationally.


Ater was born as a family company and is now marketing its products in over 60 countries in the world, under the brand names "Enjoy - the Italian way of living" and “Via Veneto”, leading trade marks for the production of thermalware for food and beverages and of houseware products.

For all production and commercial activities, Ater operates and co-operates since the beginning with important, carefully selected foreign partners.

The aptitude and capability of team-working at international level, by exporting know-how and Italian creativity, has strengthened
through the time and is today one of the winning features of the company and its management.

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A the end of the 90's, the target to open to new markets has led to a co-operation with a world leading company in the production of thermalware, based in Mumbai/India and with production plants in Daman and Pune.

Further to that, the company has reached important agreements for the development and production of new lines in China.

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