Theraml cake carrier Fresh&Carry

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How often you give up carring and eating after hours desserts, cakes and puddings, particularly when outdoor temperatures are high?


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The choice of dessert is subject to the time needed to reach the fridge at the final destination, often unabling to enjoy delicacies made of dairy cream or fresh fruit.

Thanks to its thermal per-formance, with Fresh & Carry it is now possible to consume desserts and cakes, even after hours and without alterations to their flavour and/or freshness, also on the beach, on the boat, during picnics, bake-sales or for everyday use.

Fresh & Carry is including:
- a 2-in-1 "happy hour" /serving tray with
patented locking handles
- a cake tray Ø 32 cm.
- 4 freezable gel packs
- collapsible dome for convenient storage
Fresh and carry La nuova campana smontabile, permette di risparmiare il 36% del volume
Outer sizes assembled: 40 x 35.5 x 21 cms.
Outer sizes disassembled: 40 x 35.5 x 12.5 cms. 

The new collapsing dome, allows to save up to 36% of the volume when storing.    

The patented locking system ensures a perfect sealing and an easy hygienic transport. Fresh and carry    Il sistema brevettato di chiusura, assicura una perfetta tenuta ed un trasporto facile ed igienico.


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