Tuttocaldo insulated server 3L oval

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Thermo server with stoneware ovenproof dish.

Cook in the traditional oven or microwave and store in the thermal container: will keep the food hot (or cold) for hours without any alteration in quality or flavour.

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BPA Free

The insulated servers Tuttocaldo have a food compatible double-wall body, with inner insulation in

EPS, and are indispensable to hygienically carry and serve food, guarantying excellent thermal performances.

The dish in white stoneware can be used to cook in the traditional oven or in the microwave and then stored inside the insulated server, to mantain food temperature, carry and serve on a table.

The handy side locking handles ensure that the server keeps properly closed, thus maintaining for hours the correct temperature of food.
Thanks to these features, the insulated server Tuttocaldo is particularly suitable for use on a refined table.

It keeps food  hot/cold  for hours without alterations to its quality and taste
Safe lid sealing and top hygiene thanks to the patented handle lock fastening system

Stoneware dish included

You may cook using the dish in the oven and serve hot directly on the table...
... carry food for a pic-nic, in camper, on a boat, at friends
... serve without problems the members of your family having different meal hours
... cook food ahead of time and serve it with elegance
... always serve your meals at the right temperature


Ovenproof stoneware dish only is suitable both for oven and microwave cooking and is dishwasher safe.
DIMENSIONS: 45 x 28 x 13 cm


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